Jan Maris – painting technique

oil paint:
titanium white & zinc white (PW 6 & PW 4)
lamp black (PBk 7)
transparent yellow medium (disazo condensation, PY 128)
transparent red medium (substituted dichloroquinacridone; mixed christal phase quinacridone, PR 207)
quinacridone rose (PV 19)
ultramarine deep (PB 29)
chromium oxide green (PG 18)

medium: resin-oil (stand oil, damar resin), 1 : 1.

brushes: synthetic, round.

canvas: Belgian. Fine structure.
ground: bone glue, white resin-oil paint
for small paintings: panel.
imprimatura: lean oil paint, brownish-grey.

I don't use different sheets of paint deliberately, never use glacis. My technique is sort of an alla prima-technique, though sometimes taking long enough to slightly dry the first paint.

2014-07-11, Maris paints at sea

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